PREMIUM STORIES Gourmet Exhibition

premium stories

Famous brand of vodkas & whiskey, gourmet products as well as coffee products form the company Taf presented their products offering the option for tastings to all visitors. Creative and interesting Seminars related to the production as well as the premium characteristics of these premium products were performed by the reporter Simos Georgopoulos. More than […]

MOTO EXPO exhibition

Moto Expo

Moto Expo 2005 was planned with a massive success at the International Radio Center I.B.C. of Athens Greece.  A motorcycle exhibition where 50.000 visitors gain the experience to see but also to test drive at some cases famous models of Motorcycle companies. Some of them were Aprilia, Buell, Ducati, Harley Davidson, Honda, CCM, Dayang, Husaberg, […]


FMX Free Style Motocross show

2 breathtaking Freestyle Motocross shows for 4 continues days at Dionysos Zonars Restaurant with the outstanding view of Acropolis, at Agion Asomaton square in Thisio area as well as at the area of Elliniko and more specifically around the first personal airplane Jumbo 747 of Aristotelis Onasis. The American Red Bull X-Fighter Mat Rebeaud International […]

Acropolis Rally Event

Acropolis Rally event

Acropolis Rally Event took place a year after the Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium of Athens O.A.K.A.  75.000 visitors filled up the short-term asphalt leveled Stadium, creating a unique atmosphere for the International Event Acropolis Rally. In 2005 for the first time and the year following Rally Acropolis and WRC experienced its best moments […]