Grand Prix class 1

10th of June 2007 Palaio Faliro Athens and thousand of people filled up the beach of the sea side of the area for an one of a kind event.

Ten super high speed Powerboats started up their engines for an outstanding yet unique for Greece International event which proves that Greece was now a part of the international Grand Prix Class 1.

Middle East and European Teams participated with winners Jean Marc Sanchez & Arif Saif Al Zafeen from Victory #7.

Second position for Nadir Bin Hendi & o Ahmed Suwaidi while third came Hassan Jabor bin al Thani Sheikh of Qatar.

Minister Mrs. Fani-Pali Petralia offered the trophy to the first winer while the Mayor of Palaio Faliro took also a part of the award ceremony.

Event Organiser: Know How

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